About Us

Since 2017, the financial services industry in Nigeria has grown by N44.2 trillion*, with a growth rate exceeding expectations. However, only a very small percentage of Nigerians see that real wealth in their day to day lives.

A group of young finance and trade experts met in Lagos, Nigeria with the goal of unlocking this value at scale, and replicating successes seen in their respective industries with other companies and brands.

Friss was formed to give access to niche high growth companies and portfolios to high net worth individuals who wish to grow their wealth in safe hands.

By investing in hand-picked companies and portfolios within tested and trusted industries, Friss delivers innovative, safe, focused, strategic and return-driven investments.
* We work with hand-picked investors, companies, and investments with a minimum turnover/revenue of USD 10,000 per/mo or USD 100,000/annum. Companies and investors investing from outside Nigeria agree to be governed by Nigerian law.