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We focus on your particular needs and tailor your portfolio to suit your risk appetite, environmental responsibility, and any concerns you have around your wealth.

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We work with hand-picked investors, companies, and investments with a minimum turnover/revenue of USD 10,000 per/mo or USD 100,000/annum. Companies and investors investing from outside Nigeria agree to be governed by Nigerian law.

Investment Banking

We work in capital market and capital raising deals in transactions for state and corporate clients across equities and debts

Financial Advisory & Consulting

We advise and assist clients during transaction structuring and execution to achieve the strategic objectives of our investors in a simple and well managed process

Corporate Trading

We help our investors execute of trades on the floor of the NSE. Our team helps investorsaccess markets, opportunities and products all over the world.

Export Advisory

Through our world-class network of agents in logistics, exportation and maritime law, we facilitate global exports and ensure products reach their ends of the value chain

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