Our methods are tested and trusted to grow your money safely

We work with a trusted team of experts in selecting our investments. When you growing your wealth with Friss, we have a promise to you:

The safest way to grow your wealth at scale

While financial investment is never risk-free, we take actions to protect the safety of our investors and investments through security compliance, anti-fraud mechanisms, and our AI powered Risk Engine.

Focused Investments

We focus on your particular needs and tailor your portfolio to suit your risk appetite, environmental responsibility, and any concerns you have around your wealth.

Return-Driven Portfolios

Our goal is to drive the highest and most sustainable returns for our investors and companies. Through our understanding of our investment industries, we ensure smooth, reliable returns.


We are not here to turn industries upside down, but to find easy ways to do difficult things. We are an agile company able to weather market upturns and downturns through our focus on competitive resilience


Our investment strategies are tested extensively with our own portfolio brands before expanding to other market companies. All investors are at liberty to advice on strategy concerning their own interests.

Sit back and watch your money work for you

Work with us today to start growing your wealth above market rates in safe and trusted hands.